venerdì 24 maggio 2013

・Tutorial ・How to create ulzzang gradient lips.

Do you know what 얼짱 means?
It literally means "best face" in korean and it's spelled like Uljjang.
It's a popular term in korea, an ulzzang it's someone that gain popularity on the internet with a pretty face.
They usually use lots of korean makeup products, circle lenses  to make their eyes very large, fake lashes, etc. They also need to have fair skin, a small nose and thin small lips. They are incredibly attractive and cute!! 


Here's a tutorial on how to get ulzzang's gradient lips by just using the Apocalips by Rimmel!
  1. First step, moisturize, I'm using Kiko's night balm
  2. Put the apocalips or a lip tint only on the innerside then beld the top with your finger
  3. This one it's facoltative, use a light lipstick with a brush only outside the lips

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  1. Love the gradient lip look~ c: Especially love the color! :'D

  2. That color suits you so much!! I love it! :) You're so pretty!!

  3. I dig this gradient look so much right now! The pink is vibrant and cute on you!


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