mercoledì 27 marzo 2013

・ Review + Swatches ・Etude House Tear Drop Powder Eyes Diamond Pearl

Hello!! how are you today? maybe I'm making too many posts, and i don't even know if someone reads it but  I'm totally into it now and you know what? I love it! 

Today I want to show you something that I bought this summer in S. Korea.

An ETUDE HOUSE (another korean brand)  eyeshadow, the Tear Drop Powder Eyes Diamond Pearl in #4 Crystal Pearl (pink)

I don't have much to say about this one, only that  I'm quite disappointed.. It's too light!! when I first tried it on the finger it looked pretty awesome but on the eyelid I can't even see it!! I don't know if it depends  on my fair skin because I think it would look better on someone with dark skin. But well.. if you use a lot of it you can make a pretty good glittery look and  if you put it on the bottom lashes it gives a bright looking eyes. 

A way (for me) to make it looks better it's to put it above another eyeshadow. Or according to sellers you can use this one anywhere you want with shadow tip or finger. (because it comes out without a brush)

The packaging is so cute and classy!! it contains Diamond Powder and fine glottering particles to blown up your makeup, it shines brillantly under the lights.

The price is around $ 7.03 and it's 2g. You can find it in any Etude House store like I did this summer when I went to Seoul, or online! :)

It has five variations:

#01 Crystal White Tear
#02 Crystal Gold Tear
#03 Crystal Violet Tear
#09 Crystal Pearl Tear

Hope you like it, feel free to comment and follow me. ^^ 

Byeee 〜(^∇^〜)

domenica 24 marzo 2013

・Tutorial ・Cara Delevigne inspired eyebrows.

My eyebrows daily routine inspired by Cara Delevigne.

What I use:
4 Shade Brow Compact
Kiss Me: Eyebrow Trimmer
Kiss Me: Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in 01, light color
Mac Brow pencil in Dirty Blonde

(I hate my natural eyebrows because they are too tiny and too dark.)

First of all I use the Eyebrow Trimmer on the top 

Then define the line that I want with the mac eyebrow pencil 

So I just put the lighter shade of the compact brow case underneath the last part of the brow

Then my favourite part, I use the heavy rotation brow coloring, all over the brows, just a little amount of it because it mess up everything if did wrong.

And ta~daah, the results, I personally love them! 

An overview (yes I like thick eyebrows)

Hope you like it ;) comment for any question and follow me 


venerdì 22 marzo 2013

・ Review ・ Tony Moly Pocket Bunny mist

Today I want to show you something that I use everyday before makeup because of my dry skin.
I'm talking about the moist mist by TONY MOLY (the korean brand) the cutest moisturizer ever!

I spry it 20~30 cm away from my face with closed eyes and then massage, or i put it on a pad, but i prefer the direct way because the pad immediately absorbs it ><

So, here's my buddy: I own the #1 for Dry Skin

It's pink, cute and it's a bunny!! I love the bunny collection of tony moly ♡

I bought mine on ebay (as always) and you can also find the version for oily skin.
It contains French Celtic Water purified by several layers of stones with enriched mineral and fresh fruits with a moisturizing property.
To be honest i bought mine at the beginning because it was so effing cute and i had to own one (I know you do the same sometimes lol) but you know what? It's really nice, it works on my skin.
Usually the foundation on my face used to be all messed up in the middle of the day because of the dry skin, but now it don't happens anymore :) ☆ love it!  ☆

I don't really like the smell.. not that it stinks but I personally don't like it.

Not really expensive, only $7,45
Even if the "bottle" is small, it contains 60 ml!!

so if you want to know more or if you have anything to say, comment below and follow me ♥


mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

・ Review + Swatches ・ Holika Holika's Heart ful Moisture Lipstick

Hello!! As you can see this is my first ever post.. I've always wanted to have my own blog but I was scared because I didn't know what to write I was afraid to sound boring but.. today I've finally decided to start writing about what I love hoping you will like it! :)

Here's a quick review of the Holika Holika's (the famous korean brand) Heart ful Moisture Lipstick.

The one that I own is in Pink Love #PK121

Useless to say that the packaging is too cute!! (we know that korean makeup brands always do the best packaging)

I was afraid that the heart shape would have gone away after a while but surprisingly no!! and thanks to that shape the lipstick is easily applied.
The colour is really vivid, and it fits the lips well;
Since my lips are always dry (eww) I've also noticed that it moisturize them perfectly because it contains a high moisture essential oil complex (sweet orange oil, grapefruit oil, olive oil)
The smell is also awesome.

(Picture with flash)

So what I thought about it:
Long Lasting
Low price (Only $ 9,99)
Good Smell
Nice color

You can find it in any Holika Holika's shop, but if like me you live in narnia you can find it online, I bought mine on ebay :)

so hope you enjoyed my first post, for any questions etc feel free to comment below.