domenica 24 marzo 2013

・Tutorial ・Cara Delevigne inspired eyebrows.

My eyebrows daily routine inspired by Cara Delevigne.

What I use:
4 Shade Brow Compact
Kiss Me: Eyebrow Trimmer
Kiss Me: Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in 01, light color
Mac Brow pencil in Dirty Blonde

(I hate my natural eyebrows because they are too tiny and too dark.)

First of all I use the Eyebrow Trimmer on the top 

Then define the line that I want with the mac eyebrow pencil 

So I just put the lighter shade of the compact brow case underneath the last part of the brow

Then my favourite part, I use the heavy rotation brow coloring, all over the brows, just a little amount of it because it mess up everything if did wrong.

And ta~daah, the results, I personally love them! 

An overview (yes I like thick eyebrows)

Hope you like it ;) comment for any question and follow me 


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  1. nice tutorial :3
    I´d also love to make strong brows, but I´m always afraid that I look angry when I make my brows that visible x3

  2. Love your eyebrows, they look great

  3. Perfect way to enhance eyebrows!
    lovely tutorial hun :)
    Stefy ♥ x
    Fashion + Beauty

  4. Utilissimo tutorial , molto bello il blog <3

  5. Cara looks perfect there *__*

  6. Your eyebrows look amazing, great tutorial. I adore Cara Delevigne :)


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