venerdì 22 marzo 2013

・ Review ・ Tony Moly Pocket Bunny mist

Today I want to show you something that I use everyday before makeup because of my dry skin.
I'm talking about the moist mist by TONY MOLY (the korean brand) the cutest moisturizer ever!

I spry it 20~30 cm away from my face with closed eyes and then massage, or i put it on a pad, but i prefer the direct way because the pad immediately absorbs it ><

So, here's my buddy: I own the #1 for Dry Skin

It's pink, cute and it's a bunny!! I love the bunny collection of tony moly ♡

I bought mine on ebay (as always) and you can also find the version for oily skin.
It contains French Celtic Water purified by several layers of stones with enriched mineral and fresh fruits with a moisturizing property.
To be honest i bought mine at the beginning because it was so effing cute and i had to own one (I know you do the same sometimes lol) but you know what? It's really nice, it works on my skin.
Usually the foundation on my face used to be all messed up in the middle of the day because of the dry skin, but now it don't happens anymore :) ☆ love it!  ☆

I don't really like the smell.. not that it stinks but I personally don't like it.

Not really expensive, only $7,45
Even if the "bottle" is small, it contains 60 ml!!

so if you want to know more or if you have anything to say, comment below and follow me ♥


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  1. I want to buy this so badly for months now. I might do another big korean order ;)

  2. It really is cute~ >u<
    Thank you for sharing! :'D

  3. That's such a cute product, Tony Moly always has adorable packaging! Thanks for sharing, it kind of reminds me of the Urban Decay setting sprays, except way cuter and less pricey :D


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