giovedì 2 maggio 2013

・About me ・

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Hello!♡ My name is Marianna but you can call me Nana  나나 (it's not because of the anime\manga.) I live in Italy and I'm 21 y.o. but I look like 15.. Anyway, my major is Korean. Also, I've been in south korea once but I'll surely go again, and I hope soon. Also, I've studied a bit of japanese and I'm going to start it again.
I really love to learn more about different cultures, to discover new places and so on. Travelling is like the most important thing for me and this is one of the hundred reasons why I want to become a cabin crew one day.
I really anjoy blogging about my most favorite thing: cosmetics. 
I'm really addicted to korean cosmetics, high end brand, blushes and lipsticks, especially MAC lipsticks.
My english is not perfect and I know I'm going to make a lot of typing mistakes, I'm still studying and I'm a human being so I hope you will understand >< Well.. I don't really know what to add .. so I hope you enjoy reading my blog! xoxo ♥

Picture/Skin credits to: Viviane Izzo