sabato 1 giugno 2013

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I'm always happy to try something new, so if you have a product or sample that you would like to see reviewed on my blog,  this blog is PR friendly, or if you're a follower and want to know something, or if you want  to invite me to an event, you can contact me on: you can also find me on twitter: @Milkybunny_

Per collaborazioni, curiosità o inviti ad eventi potete contattarmi qui; oppure potete trovarmi su twitter come: @Milkybunny_

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All products that are mentioned and reviewed here on my blog are 100% of my own personal opinions. As with all products, any products mentioned here should be used at your own discretion and with caution.

Sponsored posts are stated, otherwise, all products are purchased by myself for my own personal use.

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