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・ Review + Swatches ・Etude House, Sweet Recipe - Baby Choux Base

After Long time...Here I am again!! yayy (^-^)/
Today I want to talk about something I've been using for a while... something that I really love!
It's the Barry Choux Base from the Etude House Collection SWEET RECIPE!!

A makeup primer & base with SPF25 PA++!! (UV INTERCEPTION)
First of all the packaging it's really chic/classy and even if it's small it contains 25g and you just need to use a little amount of it.

The smell it's sooo good!! It really smells like a cake or smth! Almost makes you want to eat it, lol

Mine is in #02 Berry Choux, but you can find the Baby Choux Base in other two variants: Mint Choux and Peach Choux.

You need:

  • Clean skin
  • Baby Choux Base
  • 1 Spoon of Moisture
  • 2 Spoons of Soft Smoothness

It's perfect for my pale skin since it's brithening and It's makes your skin soft and smooth!
It looks like porcelain. :) ♥
Also It's really really easy to apply and blend since the creamy texture it's awesome!
It lasts for about 6 or 7 hours
This is my first time using a base so I can't compare it with any other base, but I can tell that I really like it.
The prince is around  $13.14 I bought mine on ebay.

This is how it looks like on my face, I don't even use BB creams or foundations on it, just a bit of blush, because it's perfect alone!

So.. hope you like it!!
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See you soon (^◡^)/

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  1. Adoreble!
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  2. Nana you look do pretty ^^ you didn't put bb cream or foundation maybe because your skin condition is already good in the first place :) thank you for the review this product is really popular I might try it out ^^

    1. Thank you! I always love to see your comments~~♥ ^^

  3. Aw you're so so so pretty <3 Thank you for commenting! I'm a new follower ; u ;

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  4. Oh, I've been wanting to try this base! c:

    Is the base moisturizing and glowy? o:

    1. it's quite glowy but not really moisturizing ><

  5. You're so pretty!!! <3 I'm so jealous of your long and silky hair>< can you do post of how you take care of your hair? I would love that<3
    Thanks for the review! I really want to buy that :D

    1. Thank you~~! <3 Sure, I'll do a post about my hair care soon ^^

  6. Eee, nana, you look so pretty! ^__^ Thank you for the review!

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    1. thank's!! I've just followed you on bloglovin! <3

  7. Thanks for te review, i was looking exactly for this! You have an awesome blog.

  8. Wow! The blush is so creamy! It looks so gorgeous! It makes your cheeks flush so amazingly ^_^



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