domenica 3 maggio 2015

Geo Bella Brown

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another circle lenses review.. BUT!! this time I'm trying brown lenses for the first time. Also, it's my first time with the "Geo Bella" series. I've got them from and as always I had offered the best service, high quality lenses, cute case & fast shipping. Anyway, as I've already said this is my first time seeing myself with "dark" eyes since I have really light coloured eyes and I have always only worn green, grey, pink and blue lenses. I need to say that I felt really weird! It was totally not myself.. I mean, I have tried many different pair of circle lenses but it's my first time experiencing this kind of look, I'd call it "child-puppy-like look"(?) (it kinda reminds me of something like this) just look at the pics and you will know what I am talking about lol.It's like I've lost something like 10 years?!. I really like them, and luckily they are really comfortable to wear, a 10/10, and blend really well with my natural eye colour. You can see them in two different lights by looking at the third photo below. I've worn them for just a couple of hours but I didn't expect them to be this much comfy since they're quite big (15 mm)
 Also, they have a life-span of 1 year, and they're made in South Korea as mostly of them. 
You can get the Geo Bella Brown lenses here, and you can also find them in many other different colours, just go and search on to know more about them. ^^
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 I will come back with a new review really soon! So wait for me! Bye~~~ ♥♥

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  1. Looks so cute :)

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  3. What lovely lenses, they look gorgeous on you! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. They look lovely on you! They blend so well with your natural eye colour~

  5. Love your makeup! You are so pretty <3

  6. Thanks for reviewing these and showing what they look like on light eyes! My brother recently ordered the same lenses for cosplay and I've been curious about the Bella series as well!

  7. These look so nice on you~ ;A; And I love their design! Thank you for sharing <3
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. Such a sweetiepie ❤️
      thanks for your comment! ^^

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