martedì 27 agosto 2013

・ Review + Swatches ・ Mac Saint Germain

Hello everyone! I'm back from holidays after a long time and I'm ready to make loads of new reviews!!
Do you remember my review about the mac lipstick "Pink Nouveau" ? well I said I was going to try the Saint Germain.. and finally here it is! :)

A pastel pink lipstick that tends to a lilac, I would say the perfect pink barbie shade.
My favourite color!
It has blue undertones, it's perfect for cool skin tones but also, 
I like the effect it has on tanned skin.
A color that literally pop on your lips, It looks quite "fluo" lol


Also, it's quite hard to apply it, I've had some problems since it's like.. too creamy? 
but with a base of primer it's okay.
The pigmentation it's perfect and it lasts for like 5-6 hours so you don't have to always re-apply it.

My thoughts? I totally love it ♥
ps: can u guess what my next review will be? just look at the first pic :)

See you soon bunnies! Let me know what do u think about it.
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