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・ Review + Swatches ・ Essence Haul

Hello everyone!! My finals are finally ended (with good results) yaay! so.. I can blog again :)
Today I want to talk about essence products, this is my first time trying this brand but I've always read good reviews about it. I went to OVS and didn't know where to start.. I wanted to try the cream blush but it was ended.. so I bought a tinted moisturizer, gel tint, a powder, waterproof mascara and blackhead stripes!
Let's start!!

Essence Pure Skin - Purifying face strips.
These strips should lift away blackheads from the chin and forehead area... but my blackheads are on the nose... so I tried to use them on my nose and... unfortunately they didn't work :(
Maybe it's because of the shape.. I don't know.. but they don't work for me. So I'm disappointed.

Essence 2 in 1 make-up & powder - wet & dry. (10 soft beige)
This one Overall it's not that bad., a really light powder, the shade it's perfect for my skin tone.
(sorry for the dirty sponge lol ><)
But.. I don't really like the smell... also it goes away really fast ><
It's really cheap, only around 4.50 euros so it's worth the try.

Essence My Skin - tinted Moisturizer. (light skin)
I love this one! An intensive moisture radiant and peachy. .
It's oil free, made of peach & acai berry: peach seed oil insures soft and smooth skin, while acai berry extract, rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from environmental damage. Plus the smell it's soooo good !
You can feel your skin soft and smooth! It's perfect if you don't wanna go to the beach or to the pool with a completely bare face.

Essence Gel Tint. (04 pink exposed)
This one is my favorite, a long lasting gel tint. You can find it in different shades, I've choosen (as always)
an intense Pink colour, it stains the lips like cherry and it's not dry like other tints.
It has a jelly like texture, It gives you a cooling effect and a comfortable feeling on the lips. This one it's also really cheap and you can use it also as a blush (click on the pic for a larger view)

Essence multi action waterproof mascara.
This is a waterproof mascara, perfect for summer, because.. since you can't use lots of makeup on the beach or at the pool (Sorry I think people with a lot of makeup on the beach are kind of ridiculous lol) at least a touch of mascara it's okay. (Girls don't forget you don't need too much makeup to be beautiful!)
And.. this one it's really waterproof unlike many others. It's not really volumizing but  it increases  the length so it's okay. I like it! ^^ but.. there is a cons... it tends to spidery rally easily so be careful >< (click on the pic for a larger view)

So this is all, for today what do you think about Essence products? any suggestions? let me know, comment below and follow me on bloglovin  and GFC (^_^)/
Nana ♥

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  1. Out of all these products only mascara is avalaible in my local makeup store lol
    I haven't tried a lot of essence products, but the red lipgloss XXXL shine is not sticky (as the light pink from the same line) and the color is really nice =)

    1. ohh I really want to try the lipgloss!

  2. I've never heard of essence but I love that swatch of the gel lip tint! I want to try it now, especially if it has a cooling effect :) gel tints are my favorite. Thanks for the review!

  3. I look at all the things every time I'm in OVS :P I just still didn't know what to get.

    1. You should try the lip tints, they're awesome!

  4. I love the lip tint, the colour looks so pretty! Blackhead strips never work for me :( From Essence I can recommend the All About Matte powder and the eyeshadows ^^

    1. Thank you, I need to try the eyeshadows!
      btw blackhead strips really sucks! ><
      ps: love your blog! ♥
      Just followed on Bloglovin ^^

  5. oo, the gel tint looks awesome! *__*

  6. So many great products!
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  7. Great post :)
    I am already your follower via GFC, but now I follow you via Bloglovin #44

    Kisses! :)

  8. I love your blog! Following you
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    x John Setrodipo

  9. Wow you look so pretty in the last picture! I like the colour of the lip tint on you as well^-^

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