martedì 27 gennaio 2015

DollyEye Pink Lens EOS V209LB

Hello everyone! ♥ I know it's been a while but.. I'm finally back with my first post of the year!
It's a new circle lenses review, I've got them from, and guess what? This time, for the first time, I was brave enough to try a crazy color, and you won't be surprised to know that I'm talking about pink, yes, pink lenses.
Honestly I was kinda scared of myself at the beginning, I mean, this color is no joke.. It's such a fake color compared to my other natural lenses, (the pink will conceal your real eye color whatever it is) but now I just love them! really, they look absoultely gorgeous and as the name itself says they make you look like a doll. Their name in fact is DollyEye Pink Lens and the brand is EOS, it's my first time with this brand. As you can see from the picture they're pretty huge, 14.2mm and the black rim on the outer part makes them look even bigger! Unfortunately I've felt a little bit of discomfort while wearing them.. I don't know how to explain that feeling, It's like I can see that black rim while wearing them and it's really annoying so I wouldn't really suggest them  for daily use, also because you might scare someone lol. But, overall they're perfect if you just want to wear them for a cosplay or if you just want to take some pics.
So, what are your thoughts on this pair of lenses? leave a comment below and let me know!
Also, don't forget to check for a huge selection of Circle Lens♥
See you really soon with a new review! (。◕‿◕。)/

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  1. ohh i have the same in grey! they are really bright ~
    Thanks for sharing~
    I follow you on gfc. ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
    follow back~ My new post♥

  2. I love the colour so pretty and perfect for cosplay :)

  3. Kinda weird, but simply cute I like it :)

  4. These lenses look really good on you! ;A; It's too bad they're a little uncomfortable, otherwise I think the color is really cool *u* Great review!
    ~Kiyomi <3

  5. These look so cute on you! Its too bad about the discomfort ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  6. You look so pretty! The pink makes you look like an adorable doll - they look perfect for using for a short while~

    ♥ Bee
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  7. Oh, I love pink circle lenses! I have dark brown eyes, so on me, the pink just adds a hint of pinkish warmth to them.

  8. Oh wow looks abit scary hehe love the color though

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  9. Those are so pretty! Could you do a post about contacts possibly? Me and my friend are doing a group cosplay soon and I'd LOVE to wear contacts for it, but I'm terrified of using them
    <3 Katie

  10. Wow. You look unreal and beautiful! You actually rock these lenses. So pretty!

    Jessica |

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  12. wow thats so crazy! They surprisingly look so good on you although probably cant wear them too much, you are right u do look like a doll~

  13. Wow, it looks great. :)

    Liebste Grüße,
    Lisa von Ash Blonde

  14. Like this your post, because it’s really awesome! Can’t wait to see the next one!)

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  15. Woah damn, these lenses look so much bigger on you than they do on me! xD
    They are really cool though! Personally I love vibrant/unnatural circle lenses because they really 'pop', you know! Then again, I guess being a cosplayer makes me a bit biased too...
    I can tell you also that when I wear the Dolly Eye Pink I also frequently see pink corners/halo in my vision if I move my gaze (especially in bad light) and I'm pretty sure that this happens because the lenses have a small pupil hole and also because they are so opaque color-wise. I didn't find them very comfortable to wear indoors because they blurred my vision (plus made me see pink, as I said) but outdoors I didn't have these problems and they were actually comfy. :)
    But yeah, I wouldn't wear them out in town either because they do look slightly freaky... Oh and yeah, I have a story about that! Once I wore them out to a food store (I was in costume though) and I think I might have scared the bejeezus out of a poor grandma; she completely stopped in her tracks and stared at me like a deer in headlights... I feel sorry about that. ;_;

    But I want to purchase the Dolly Eye Greens.......

  16. You look like a barbie with that lenses. It gives bright pink on you. So vibrant. I wonder how this lens will appear on my dark brown eyes.


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