giovedì 26 giugno 2014

・EOS Fay 3 Tone Grey ・ Review from

Brand: EOS 
Diameter: 14.5 mm 
Water Content: 38% 
Base Curve: 8.8 mm 
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

 Hello everyone! ♡ This is my first sponsored Circle Lenses review, I've got them from
MapleLens is a circle lenses online store located in Malaysia that provide a full range of Korean circle lens and color contact lenses of every dimension, color and brand. If you don't know what I'm talking about, "circle lenses" are a particular kind of Asian lenses that makes the eye's iris appear larger in order to make your eyes look bigger and doll-like. It's been a while since I've last wore a pair of circle lenses, my first pair was (can't remember the brand) but they were definitely too big for me, since my eyes are already quite big and with a 15.00 mm I looked like an alien.. but maybe it was just that kind of brand or maybe the shade that didn't fit my eyes.. anyway, this time I went for a pair of 14.5 mm called "EOS Fay 3 Tone Gray" and I love them! They look so natural and blend really well with my eye color, it's really what I was looking for. They make me look so lovely and sweet, I'd say doll-like! Also, I can say that they are really comfortable to wear and do not burn when applied but tends to get dry very fast so I can wear them for just a couple of hours, well, maybe it's just me since I'm not used to wear lenses anymore. Overall I can say, I love them! I'm really satisfied and the website shipping was AWESOME as well, they give you a tracking number and the package took just like 4 days to arrive and this is incredible since I live in Italy and the shipping here really sucks, also it came in a cute little box and with a super lovely lens case! (pink hippos) 
So, I'd give them a 10/10 good quality, good price and awesome shipping! Thank you Maplelens! I'm definitely going to get another pair of lenses from this website ♡
Also, don't forget to use the coupon code "Milkyrabbit" for a 15% Off!

Products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.

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    1. belle vero?! dobbiamo fare un ordine insieme *o*

  2. looks really natural and sweet~ i like it ^^

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  3. Aww, so sweet review! You are like a Barbie doll :)

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  4. Beautiful! The lenses look amazingly natural!!

  5. Your eyes are so pretty. O_O haha Great review! :)

    Cathy - hello, Cathy

  6. These lenses look sooo good on your eyes! I really want to try them, too. :)

  7. those lenses look really cool. gave you a follow on GC.

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  8. Oh how gorgeous are these lenses? They're so pretty xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. They look great on you for real!
    It's good to know about this website, for the moment I take the "risk" of ever wearing contact lenses!

    Lu | The Ankalli Style

  10. the circle lenses looks really good also the colour of it is nice, anyway you look pretty :)

  11. I've never tried EOS lenses, your review makes me wanna try it!


  12. Really nice lenses, you look like a doll ~

  13. I am such a fan of your site! You are so pretty!

    I really like the lenses too!!! :)

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    1. Aww your comment made my day, thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. we've never tried coloured lenses before but your eyes look amazing with these in!

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  16. the color looks perfect on you... you're so pretty!

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  17. you have beautiful eyes. Following you on GFC.

  18. wow! che meraviglia queste lenti *_*
    Bacio, Andrea!

  19. pretty!

  20. I had the blue one ^^ this lens is so pretty on you and looks very natural! Pretty nana <3

  21. Interesting review:з

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