venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

・ Review + Swatches ・ GOSH Multicolour Blush (Pink Pie)

You know I love blushes and I think makeup it's not complete without a touch of it.. (especially because I'm really really pale)
so I couldn't resist to this GOSH Multicolour Blush in PINK PIE.
A combination of 4 unique silky and natural colours.  
I love that you can use just one of them or mix more colours until you get the perfect one.
They are quite shimmering especially the orange one, it's really light,
I think that one it's more like an highlighter than a blusher.
Its texture it's really fine and the product last for almost the whole day!
Moreover, they say "it contains Skin Conditioning Agent, which has a softening effect on the skin"
plus it's not scented, perfume free.
It's my first time using GOSH cosmetics, and I can say I'm pretty satisfied with it.
 and I would totally buy it again, cuz I love it!
the price is around €13.99, quite expensive but worth it ;)


Sooo.. what do u think about it? Do you like this brand? 
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  1. omg it's so cute, I love it! *A*

  2. Omg i love it! :)

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  3. Se ne capissi qualcosa di Make Up potrei dirti " WOW IT'S AMAZING" però visto che sono una capra in materia mi limito a farti i complimenti per il tuo blog!
    E' veramente stupendo!

    1. Aww Nico grazie!! Anche il tuo lo è!! ❤️❤️

  4. The colours looks so gorgeous! I love how they give you four colours to choose from ^^ i think number 4 is my favourite, but i don't usually wear blush when i'm doing my make up >_< I've never tried Gosh either, but the colour pay off and quality looks great ^^
    Following you on GFC!


    1. Yes, the quality is really good, my favourite is number 1! ^^
      btw followed you back ♥♥

  5. we love multicolour blushes. They're great because you virtually get 4 products for the price of one!

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  7. the colors are so nice,
    i often pink shade blushes too.


    am following your lovely blog
    through GFC and Bloglovin.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  8. this is so pretty! love that it gives off different shades and you can also mix/layer them together for a different effect :)


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